18 de janeiro de 2011

129 milhões de americanos não "interessam" às seguradoras de serviços de saúde !


«The government's newfound
civility is about to face its first big test. As Republicans prepare to start redebating health care reform, a federal survey set to be released today will give them something to talk about: The number of Americans excluded from private coverage because of pre-existing conditions. According to the report, up to 129 million people—or half of Americans under 65—are ineligible for health insurance because they suffer from illnesses that "major insurers consider a basis to charge customers higher prices or to exclude coverage for some." To come up with this number, researchers from the Health and Human Services Department estimated that one fifth to half of elderly people have medical problems that lead to rejection or higher premiums, and then included a number of other ailments that can also trigger insurance exclusions. But the analysis is already under attack from Congress. Republicans and industry spokesmen have criticized the findings as overblown and lashed out at the notion that rolling back health care reform would target people with pre-existing conditions. "When a new analysis is released on the eve of a vote in Congress, it's hard to view it as anything but politics and public relations," a Republican House aide sniffed to the Washington Post.»
The Washington Post | Tuesday, Jan. 18, 2011